And we’re off… nearly

photo (2)You’ll have probably seen these yellow signs appearing all along Constitution Street in recent days. They signal that the long overdue repair work is about to commence. Alan Dean, the Leith Programme coordinator, sent out an email recently stating that work will start a week today:

“We are pleased to advise you that work will commence on site in Constitution Street on 29th April 2013. The works will comprise the resurfacing of the existing footways and carriageway and environmental enhancements identified during consultation. These enhancements will include the introduction of new tree pits and the reinstatement of old ones, pavement widening, and cycle storage provision at specific locations in the street.

“The initial contract period will be 8 weeks and the Contractor for the works is Lafarge Tarmac Limited. Location plans and a project programme can be found on our webpages. ‘Tarmac’ will carry out work to sections 11 (Foot of the Walk to Coatfield Lane) and 13 (Old Dock Gates to Bernard Street) and this part of the programme is scheduled to end around mid-June. Section 12 which is the middle section between Coatfield Lane and Bernard Street, will follow this. All being well, should archaeological issues not impact during the work, the aim is for the work on Constitution Street to be complete by mid-August.”

“Update information will be put onto our webpages regularly along with our stakeholder emails. We will of course be actively engaging with traders and residents in Constitution Street as much as possible before and during work on site. While recognising that some disruption will be inevitable giving the type of work involved in the programme, it is the intention to try to minimise this as much as possible and it is our hope that any short term disruption is made up for by the improved environment that will be created for residents, businesses and visitors to the street.”


Problem parking – cones near Tower Street?

We received an email drawing attention to the problem of double parking at the north end of the street (see below). Can anyone shed any light?

“The north end of Constitution Street is afflicted by double-parking at the best of times, but the current exacerbation of this situation could surely be alleviated by the road traffic authority removing the traffic cones from Tower Street.  They were put down to enforce temporary suspension of parking to facilitate HGV delivery of 75,000 tonnes of salt to the car pound (part of the winter precautions).  The restrictions ended on 11 October, but the cones seem to be deterring the resumption of parking in Tower Street.”