Carry on regardless? We don’t think so…

A great post on Greener Leith about the Leith Improvement Programme. It seems that Edinburgh City Council are following in the footsteps of Forth Ports when it comes to how they respond to consultation feedback – carry on regardless seems to be the attitude. It’s not good enough. And for that reason our favourite paragraph of the Greener Leith post is the following:

“In the interim, if you would like to see the council take the ideas contained in the Vision for Leith Walk top 20 ideas list more seriously, please do write to both your local councillors and indeed the convenor of the finance and resource committeeCllr Alasdair Rankin, to let him know which ideas you would like to see supported. Local councillors which sit on this committee include Cllr Angela Blacklock and Cllr Adam McVey.


And if you’re looking for some assistance to get you started, check out the Twitter responses at the bottom of the post. People are not happy and they’re absolutely right not to be. The trams have been a fiasco and that gives even more reason to ensure that the end of the process is much, much better than the beginning.


A sad day

The bad news is that another of Leith’s independent businesses is closing down. Andrew Ovens on Constitution Street is soon to be no more. It’s particularly sad because the business has been trading on Constitution Street since it was founded in 1939 and the shop is one of the nicest on the street. We hope that whoever takes over respects the frontage that remains and we wish the Andrew Ovens employees all the best. Sorry to see you go.