Shake, rattle and…

So, we’re all cock a hoop with the improvement plan, aren’t we? Yes, the pavement outside my flat has been left cracked and broken (as has a tile at the entrance to my stair) by the recent work but surely when the new pavements are laid and the road surface replaced we’re all going to see – and feel – a huge and long-overdue improvement in how things have been over recent years since… no, I’m not going into it again.

But here’s a thing – how do we KNOW that the new work is going to be an improvement? Who is going to monitor that the problems many of us have complained to the council about in recent months and years (the fact that our homes rumble and shake as heavy vehicles and buses pass) are addressed by the work that is done?

According to some, the work on Constitution Street will be done by the time the Fringe begins in the summer so really we need to get thinking about this now. I know I should probably just trust that the council will do right by us but let’s face it that’s not exactly what’s happened up until now. For most of us, our homes are our biggest assets, they’re what we spend most of our monthly income on, they’re where we most want to feel safe and secure – shouldn’t we do our best to make sure that the works the council undertakes really ARE improvements? 


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